take out the takeout – the starbucks soy chai tea latte

this past post-thanksgiving, my sister and i were out doing some christmas shopping when we saw a starbucks. she said, “come on, let’s get a soy chai tea latte.” now back before i cleaned up my diet, those were my jam!

i had come down hard from quitting daily venti frappacinos and transitioning from 800 calories down to 300 seemed like a step in the right direction. but while delicious, those chai tea lattes are always so filled with liquid sugar that they made me feel jittery and my teeth ache. so, ultimately, i gave them up and then totally forgot about how much i loved them, until my sister was ordering two of them from the barista and handing me mine. and then, i was again hooked. 

but i really felt like drinking this latte, while not a totally terrible choice as far as one of those coffee house beverages go, it’s still quite a few calories and i was experiencing the same jittery / sugar ache i had before. it wasn’t something that i would be enjoying regularly. and then i thought to myself, why not? like the tv commercials tell us, “THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY!” a way in which i can have my tea and drink it too!

so, i invented a chai tea latte hack, to get my fix without the jittery sugar and teeth ache. behold! the 3-ingredient, 3-minute chai tea latte.


  • 8 oz. coconut milk drink / non-dairy beverage of your choice

  • 1 tazo chai tea latte tea bag

  • 1 tsp honey / agave


fill a microwave safe mug of your choosing with unsweetened coconut milk drink. it’s generally in the dairy / refrigeration section of your grocery store. my favorite is “so delicious, unsweetened vanilla,” but use whatever you like. we’re not soy fans in our house, but you could use that, or almond milk, whatever non-dairy milk you’re into.

reheat the milk according to your microwave’s liquid setting. 

one minute before the milk is done reheating, place one of the tazo chai tea bags in the cup and restart the microwave.

when the milk is hot, pull the mug out of the microwave and carefully add a teaspoon of honey, or agave if you’re vegan. let the bag steep another minute as it continues to heat. then squeeze out the bag with a spoon, stir and enjoy! 

fast food hack - chai latte 5 - swimlikeno1

now, i get to have my chai tea latte and drink it too, with zero guilt! and it costs me way less than $4.